GJ's 2012 jobs numbers lower than reported

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Recent reports show the number of jobs on the Eastern Slope grew by the thousands in the third quarter of last year, while Grand Junction's job market did the exact opposite and saw the largest fall of 2,800 jobs.

"It's so rough," said Sambo Rambo, Grand Junction resident looking for employment. "I can't even describe, explain it."

For Rambo, finding employment in Grand Junction hasn't been a walk in the park, and he's not alone.

"Our spring season was supposed to start the beginning of February with training and all of that," said Rambo. "As of March, we were supposed to start, but now we're waiting on the government to quit yanking us around."

Others lost their job when employers had to cut back with the fiscal cliff looming.

"Everything that was happening at the national picture probably played a part in why there was such a slow down in the momentum that occurred last year," said Suzie Miller, a communications coordinator with the Mesa County Workforce Center.

And that took a toll on families throughout Mesa County.

"I just live everyday by the day, can't expect too much other than to spend every minute I can with my son," said Rambo.

The good news is January's job numbers already point to growth in the right direction.

"We've listed over 240 job orders, which represent two or three jobs per order," said Miller, "so we see that as a really good sign."

But for many, it will be a long time before the economic uncertainties stop haunting those like Rambo.

"You start working, they let you go, they tell you you're coming back," he said. "When you come back, there isn't a job for you. There's nothing promising. Anywhere."

According to the Workforce Center, January's job orders show an improvement from 2012. The full report will be made available on the link below.

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