Grand Mesa the go-to place for fall foliage

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GRAND MESA, Colo. (KKCO) Fall foliage is in full force up on the Grand Mesa.

Powderhorn's Color Weekend drew in families ready to enjoy the colorful season, which hasn't fully manifested itself in the Grand Valley yet.

"It's a great treat for people to drive up 30 minutes out of town and be able to get into the mountains, live Colorado and celebrate those colors," said Gabrielle Michna, of Powderhorn Mountain Resort.

Vanessa Hindman took her daughter, Avah, up to Powderhorn Sunday to enjoy the nice weather and allow her to observe the season of fall.

"That's why we're up here pretty much is cause she just turned one and is able to walk through all the bushes and plants and experience what it's like to live in Colorado," Hindman said.

Other families took advantage of the lift rides, which carted people up and down the mountain for 45 minutes of fall foliage and panoramic mountain views.

"You get to ride the lift completely full circle, so no downloading until you get back to where you got on," Michna said. "So it's an awesome, unique opportunity for people to come up and really get a good glance at all of the beautiful colors."

Aspen trees showed off their bright golden leaves throughout the ride and some snow at the top of the mountain reminded lift riders that winter is around the corner.

Powderhorn's ski season is set to begin December 12.