Grand Valley Health Fair is Back

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Grand Junction, Colo. -- On Friday, Grand Valley residents had a chance to take advantage of free and low cost screenings at the Grand Valley Health Fair.

This year the fair is bigger than ever, and is offering more screenings and booths. Health Fair officials said they have teamed up with more local organizations than ever before.

Another improvement this year was not only the larger location of the Two Rivers’ Convention Center, but the added informational booths, geared towards family, children, and babies.

The main goal of this year’s Health fair was getting and staying fit. Several booths featured hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.
Health fair officials also said they are encouraging people to take care of their total health, which includes emotional and social health.

Sheryl VanHole from Rocky Mountain Health Plans said this Health fair allows them to really connect with the community while also giving them really good information. "Really kind of take charge of your health that's what we want to encourage people to do," said VanHole.

Dixie Burmeister from the Grand Valley Health Fair said the larger area has allowed the health fair to not only partner with Healthy Mesa County, but over 60 other health related organizations.

"That is all part of good health and the more we can take care of ourselves and take more responsibility for our health, the less we need medical attention because we are taking care of ourselves," said Burmeister.

Many local residents said they couldn’t happier with the new larger Grand Valley Health fair, Gordon Schmidt a Grand Valley Resident said, “I think it's a tremendous service to everyone," “I think this is the best one so far."

The Fair is featuring more than 17 free or low cost health screenings.

The Health fair will be going on Saturday March 21st as well from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be Grand Valley transit buses that can take residents to the convention center to reduce parking.

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