Grand Valley offers resources to businesses in town

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Valley is home to a lot of small businesses and some people think it's the backbone of our community. The area is also home to many resources that help enhance those businesses to keep them thriving while benefiting our economy.

However, business owner Christy Prickett still has concerns and questions about how to increase their bottom line.

Prickett owns Learning Works, a school supply store in Grand Junction. She said this year has been one of the worst she's ever experienced with sales since her family took over the store in 2008, "The revamping on the educational system is really hitting me hard."

Prickett said schools are leaning more towards technology and don't require workbooks, leaving her no choice but to downsize Learning Works and open Junk-A-New, a second hand store next to it, after losing thousands of dollars this year.

She went to a panel discussion at Colorado Mesa University on Tuesday in hopes of getting some ideas about how to make her stores stand out and community leaders on the panel offered many options at the Workforce Center, Chamber of Commerce and Business Incubator.

SCORE, a nonprofit dedicated to mentoring businesses, also attended the event. CEO Ken Yancey said, "The fact that everybody is interested in the success of small business and they'll do what's necessary to help that occur is really refreshing."

Congressman Tipton accepted and award from SCORE for being dedicated to helping improve businesses. He said he relates to owners in town and is doing what he can to make changes, "I'm a small businessman, grew up in Cortez, operated my business for 30 years so we have a lot of common ground to be able to understand the issues that they're facing."

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