Grand Valley sees worst air pollution in years

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- It's clear now, but just a couple weeks ago, many residents were playing it safe and staying indoors to avoid the poor air quality. Mesa County officials said the inversion was the worst in years.

Mesa County Air Quality Specialist Ed Brotsky said right now, the Grand Valley is in the clear, but if we have another winter like this one, we could fall below the national air quality standard. That means major changes when it comes to burning and vehicle emissions.

"The federal EPA has set health standards for PM 2.5, and when a community comes in violation of these standards, then there are certain measures that are imposed to try to get us back in those health standards," said Brotsky.

If our air drops below the national standard, state-imposed regulations would come into play.

Mesa County Environmental Health Department officials encourage residents to be mindful about their car emissions and burn practices year-round to help improve and preserve the air quality.

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