Grassroots group asks local businesses to make their opinion known

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Grand Junction Colo. (KKCO)
A grassroots organization that has been demanding Rick Brainard's resignation reached out to local businesses for support, hoping members of the Grand Junction Area Chamber will push their weight around and influence the Chamber to take back Brainard's endorsement.

So far the group has held rallies and spoken out at a City Council meeting and now they have created a phone bank to contact each member of the Chamber.

"We wanted to give them the tools phone number email so they could go ahead and call and let the Chamber of Commerce know how they feel about their continued support for Rick Brainard," said grassroots organizer Jessica Coleman.

C.E.O of the Chamber of Commerce Diane Schwenke said she is not surprised by their new effort and said everyone has the right to exercise free speech.

"We have had one member out of 960 who did call and say I'm concerned, and I'm watching what happens, and we may need to reconsider our membership at some point," said Schwenke.

Owner of Woven Designs Julie Kleinrath spoke with a member of the group and decided to call the Chamber.

"Perhaps if we told them that we were planning on not being members of the Chamber anymore that we would make a difference and I had to leave a message," said Kleinrath.

But Kleinrath said she will only pull away if Brainard takes office, and the Chamber of Commerce did not revoke their endorsement.

Schwenke said none of the leadership in the Chamber has been involved in having conversations with Brainard regarding whether or not to assume his seat, but does not plan to release a statement regarding support until after Brainard has had his day in court.

There will be another rally calling for Brainard to step down next week but the details have not been determined at this point.

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