Gray Gourmet looking for donations to continue feeding elderly

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Elderly people across the Grand Valley rely on the generosity of strangers to have a hot meal on their tables once a day, but the organization that provides this service is looking for financial help to continue doing it.

Gray Gourmet is asking for donations after some of the organization's federal funding was cut.

"If the community can step up a little bit and help fill in a little bit of that gap, then we're confident that we can keep the service going out to everybody who needs it," said Jacque Pipe, who works for Gray Gourmet.

Gray Gourmet serves meals to more than 1200 elderly people each year either at one of their eight meal sites or right at the customer's doorstep through the Meals on Wheels program.

"We know if they get that one hardy meal a day, their nutrition and their health is really being maintained," Pipe said.

Community donations make up one-third of Gray Gourmet's funding.

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