Great outdoors safety guide

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Summer is officially here and many are hitting the trails and campgrounds without being prepared for what nature has in store for them.

The Western Colorado landscape has lots of things to see and places to go but venturing out into the wild without taking the gear or following safety precautions could be dangerous.

Some things to lookout for this summer include a pesky plant we've all come to know as poison ivy that frequents shady areas and river beds and wildlife that sometimes creep up on unsuspecting people while exploring the outdoors.

“Anytime you have food in camp, the scent can bring in raccoons, foxes, and also bears, so you want to make sure those things aren't in your tent,” says Frank McGee of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Mesa County residents shouldn't let wildlife deter them from hitting the outdoors because there's few reported cases of dangerous encounters of animals and humans in the Grand Valley.

A good rule of thumb for anyone that plans on participating in outdoor activities is to let someone know where you will be and when you will be coming back in order to stay safe.

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