Green Fields Seed & Feed going out of business

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - After 16 years of service to Grand Junction and businesses throughout the U.S., Green Fields Seed & Feed is closing its doors.

"It's probably a good time for us to get out," said owner Sharon Bradshaw, "even though it's a sad thing, because we spent 16 1/2 years learning the business and getting to know people and caring for people."

Green Fields provided multiple products, ranging from bird food and grass seed to dog bones and homemade snacks. Now the family-owned shop is going out of business.

"My favorite part about this job is coming into a family," said sales manager Briana Bingham. "We all care about each other, and we all love each other. It's just been such a blessing for me."

Bingham moved to the Western Slope just over a year ago. Since that time, she has been employed by the feed store and has grown to love the job and the people.

And Bingham is not the only one impacted by the ownership.

"They were like part of our family, too," said Kathy Inman, a customer for the past 16 years, "and it's kind of sad that they have to do this."

Small businesses through the United States have had to close their doors, after suffering from fewer customers and therefore a smaller income. But Bradshaw and her husband are only taking away the positive.

"We hate to leave all of our friends, and we're going to miss everyone," she said. "We ask God to bless everybody and hope that they can find another supplier that will meet their needs."

And for the employees, they are also taking away the good and not letting the tough job market ahead destroy their heart-warming memories.

"This has just been a great place for a lot of people," said Bingham. "You're not walking into a store. You're walking into a family."

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