Colorado lawmakers debate gun control measures

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – In a state that is balancing tragic shootings and Western culture where gun ownership is valued by many- Colorado Senators had their hands full debating seven gun measures.

Colorado lawmakers had a long day of debate at the state capitol. Initial approval was won for an expanded gun ban for suspected domestic abusers and for adding a background check requirement for guns sold in private transactions.

Local residents shared their reaction with KKCO.

“I feel that the advance for the domestic violence thing- I’m all for that, keeping the firearms out of people’s hands that have been accused of domestic violence or convicted of domestic violence,” says Top Shop owner Daniel Lente.

Lente is in favor of an expanded gun ban for suspected domestic abusers. The bill won initial approval and was the first of 7 gun control measures under consideration, but not all residents are concerned with what is going on with the gun debate.

“I think that people are making too big of a deal about it, because the rules haven't been as restricted as people like to believe- they like to believe the government is taking a lot away from them," said local Nick Barefoot.

The seven measures that were up for debate are background checks, magazine limits, firearm bans for domestic violence offenders, gun liability, guns on campus, online training and background check fees.

The second measure to win initial approval was a background check requirement for private gun sales.

“I feel it's gonna help out a lot before honestly how do you know if someone is a felon or not when you're handing someone else a gun now that people have to come to the store with it, I feel that is gonna keep guns outta the wrong peoples hands," explains Lente.

Others feel that the entire gun control debate is heading in the wrong direction.

"Gun control is getting out of hand personally, I feel that the government is taking the upper hand on this situation and leaving the public out of it,” said local Troy Dirks.

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