Customers rush to stock up on now-outlawed guns and ammo before July 1 deadline

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) --- New Colorado gun laws were passed on the first of the year and they will officially take effect Monday.

The new legislation will eliminate the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines and intensify the pre-screening policy for purchasing a firearm.

According to the new restrictions, no magazines that hold more than fifteen rounds can be sold and for every single gun purchase, a background check must be completed.

Many gun enthusiasts are speaking out against the new laws and say that those who want to get ahold of these high capacity magazines will find a way.

Gun club members across Mesa County believe that the background checks aren't feasible and say it's ridiculous that this kind of pre-screening is required even for sales to individuals.

The Sheriff's group, made up of 55 Colorado Sheriff's, which has filed a lawsuit to stop the new laws, will be back in court July 10.

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