Gun supplies fly off store shelves

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- New gun control laws are creating a stir in Colorado in more ways than one, but now bullets and components are low and it’s affecting gun enthusiasts and suppliers in the Grand Valley.

Local gun sportsman, John Rutan says one of his favorite things to do in the Grand Valley is head to the gun range.
However, amid new gun restrictions ammunition and gun components are becoming limited.

“There's definitely been an ammunition shortage," says Rutan.

Rutan feels gun enthusiasts alarmed by recent weapon controls are stocking up on their personal supplies.

“I feel that people are just hoarding ammunition and gun supplies," said Rutan.

Nationwide stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked and it's even having an effect on local gun ranges.

Randy stout, the secretary of the Grand Junction Trap and Skeet club, says this past year his inventory has dropped significantly. The club has 20 teams for its spring league and shooters go through 5,000 rounds every week.

“Ya know we have to keep a good supply of ammunition and stuff and it is harder to get," explained Stout.

I asked Stout if he felt recent gun laws have prompted more people to take on the sport.

“I think out here in the West they are…that's part of the lifestyle out in this part of the country…ya know out here you're kind born with a gun in your hand,” said Stout.

For gun sportsmen, like Rutan his weekend gun range trips may have to be rationed.

“It just makes access more difficult for sportsmen like myself who like to shoot," explained Rutan.

Grand Junction Trap and Skeet Club is open year round and memberships are only 40 dollars.

The club is for shotgun shooters and has been in Mesa County for over 70 years.

To learn more about becoming a member, call Grand Junction Trap and Skeet club at 245-0780.

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