Hackers are ready to pounce on mobile devices in 2013

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Technology is advancing and hackers are keeping tabs. Technology security firms such as Mcafee have developed software to arm your computers and lap tops, but what about your mobile devices?

Dave Britton of Dave's Computer Repair said scammers will do anything to make things seem legitimate.

"There beginning now, that there is such a huge amount of them out there that it has become cost effective for the scammers to start targeting those devices as well," said Britton.

Analysts at Mcafee predict 2013 will be the year of 'mobile malware.'

"You can click on something completely innocuous out on a website when you are browsing and nothing happens and it could stay dormant for a couple of weeks and then pop up," said Britton.

Staff at Simply Mac said apple users have nothing to worry about.

"So we really haven't seen anything that has to do with viruses coming and hurting the operating system the iPads or the devices that we sell have," said Simply Mac Store Manager, Scot Linsley.

Britton said the biggest problem with the scams popping up this year is that they will lock your device.

"If you see something like that immediately shut the machine down and contact somebody to help you," said Britton.

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