Hamblin joins the race for Mesa County Sheriff

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The official count is now up to three. One more name is being added to the ballot for the Mesa County Sheriff in the upcoming November elections.

Pat Arotin and Senator Steve King face a new competitor in the race for Mesa County Sheriff.

Ralph Hamblin was given the green light to begin his campaign efforts by the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder after overcoming some issues with his initial petition for candidacy.

Hamblin originally submitted over 900 signatures to get his name on the ballot and only a little over 700 were deemed valid.

It took some hard work, but the newest Republican candidate got his signatures in on time and now he's eager to make up for lost campaigning time.

“I plan to serve as a sheriff with a great deal of character and be the kind of sheriff that the deputies will want to emulate and I’ll lead by example,” says Ralph Hamblin.

His plan is to win the community over with his years of experience in the army, law, and supervising and leadership roles.

There's already been some feedback regarding the time he jumped into the sheriff's race but Hamblin hopes to steer clear of political drama and look forward to election time.

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