Hash oil explosions bring severe charges

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. There have been four suspected hash oil explosions across Colorado in the four days, and in the last few months there have been even more.

Grand Junction has dealt with at least three hash oil incidents in the past few months, and the District Attorney's office said they are prepared to file serious charges on some of these cases.

"We have filed arson charges, for damaging residential dwellings, and that's a class three felony that can carry up to 32 years in prison," said D.A. Pete Hautzinger.

He also said that hash oil explosions suspects can face distribution and manufacturing of drugs and endangerment charges based on who is around at the time of the incident.

Police officials said they are concerned about the frequency in which these explosions keep happening.

"We know that it is a growing trend across the county and it's one that people need to be aware of and how dangerous it is," Kate Porras, Grand Junction Police Department.

Creating hash oil is a dangerous process of using a flammable liquid like butane to extract the THC in marijuana to get a strong form of pot in an oil form.

While smoking marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, making hash oil from it is illegal.

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