Heather Jensen sentenced to 10 years in prison

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Nearly two months after the trial of Heather Jensen concluded, where she was found guilty of three out of five charges, she was in court Friday for sentencing and even addressed the judge..

Jensen was sentenced to five years for each count of child abuse resulting in death and will serve them consecutively and six months for false reporting to authorities, which she will serve concurrently.

Before the sentence came down Judge Valerie Robison heard from many people from both the defense and prosecutions side making their last pleas for Jensen's fate, including Heather herself.

After staying silent during the trial, Jensen decided to address the court and apologize for the pain and heart ache she caused her friends and family and told Judge Robison she accepts the full responsibility for her actions.

Four people approached the podium for the prosecution including William and Tyler's grandfather who made an emotional plea saying Jensen deserves to spend the maximum time behind bars.

Six people spoke on behalf of Jensen, including her mother and grandmother. Her mother said, although she's not the "brightest crayon in the box," she is very loving.

After nearly three hours, Judge Robison decided five years for each count of child abuse was the appropriate sentence.

Assistant District Attorney Rich Tuttle said although he is not satisfied, he is also not surprised by the sentence because of how hard it was to prosecute.

Jensen faced up to 16 years for each count of child abuse resulting in death and to the surprise of some did not get the maximum time.

Her attorney's have 49 days to appeal the sentence and 126 days to file for reconsideration.

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