Heather Jensen's sister speaks out

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Heather Jensen's older half-sister, Tanya Scott, said she was utterly shocked to learn what happened between Heather and her sons.

Scott, who lives in Florida, said she hasn't had much contact in the last two years with her sister, with the exception of occasional emails. Scott said Jensen was always immature for her age, but not someone who would intentionally harm her kids.

"She was always very young mentally and emotionally and didn't always use the best judgment," Scott said. "But I really don't think that she would've done that intentionally ever, I think that she just thought she could put them in [her car] and be safe and warm."

Scott said Jensen didn't learn she was pregnant with her first son Tyler until she was six months pregnant, but Scott recalled her being excited about the news. Every time the sisters communicated, Scott said Jensen would always update her about the boys.

"I do believe that she tried her best but she was young, a young mom trying to fit in with her friends," Scott said. "But I can't make any excuses for her because there are a lot of young moms out there who are very responsible."

Jensen is facing two counts of Child Abuse Resulting in Death, a class three felony, two counts of Criminally Negligent Homicide, a class five felony, and one count of False Reporting to Authorities, a class three misdemeanor.

Scott said she's torn between what she would like to see in her sister's future.

"I do feel like that's the worst punishment that she'll ever have, knowing that she made the choices that night and the choices she made brought about the death of her two children," Scott said. "But I also understand that some kind of justice has to be served. I just hope they take into consideration that she's going to have to be dealing with that forever."

Thinking back to Jensen's past, Scott said she could remember some instances that could've led to the situation Jensen is in now.

"When William was born, she had serious complications and developed a serious infection and soon after had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 22," Scott said. "I think that is when she began using prescription pain killers. She was very upset she wouldn't be able to have any more children."

Jensen has not yet been booked in Mesa County jail after being extradited from Lee County jail in Florida on Wednesday morning. Citing security reasons, Mesa County Sheriff's Office would not comment on her when or how Jensen will be arriving.

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