Heavy Rains helping to settle Collbran Landslide

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Just two months ago the massive landslide hit the area of Collbran and now monitoring systems are working hard to keep an eye on any movement that might happen during the series of heavy storms that happen during this time of year.

The heavy rains have amounted to just over an inch at the west salt creek land slide...and the pond holding at the top has now risen just around two inches because of all the rain, this might raise concerns.

But Pete Baier Director of Public works who is in charge of monitoring the slide said it's actually helping the land settle and become more stable.

"As we're notified that there is a cell headed to that area we become a little bit more vigilant and we'll actually make sure we have folks watching the instruments the instruments are real time anyways so we get alerts if we see movement on them," said Baier.

On Monday they sent a crew to walk the entire perimeter of the slide to make sure they did not miss anything when they were monitoring the slide during the storm systems.

They also said the two inches accumulated at the top of the slide are nothing to worry about since the pond can hold 13 to 14 more feet of water.

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