Heavy rain backs up storm drains causing flooding

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Heavy rainfall has been causing problems all across the city as storm drains struggle to keep up.

The drains are only equipped to handle light rain and small amounts of water at a time, so when we get larger storms like there have been over the past few days the drains can get clogged with rocks and thick mud.

This time the blocked drains have caused serious damage to the Rayer family’s home. Mary Rayer said parts of their house had up to an inch of mud and water.

"The water from up the street came down and we've been having a problem since last year about it," said Rayer.

The city spent the morning re-digging out the drainage system near their house.

The Rayer’s say they worried that the repairs the city has made won't be enough during the next storm.

They estimate about $2,000 worth of damage and say who knows how long it will take them to get all of the mud out of their home.

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