Hickenlooper opens door to clemency in Dunlap case

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DENVER (AP) Gov. John Hickenlooper has suggested he could grant clemency to a multiple murderer on death row if he loses his re-election campaign because he gave the man a temporary reprieve from execution.

Hickenlooper made the comments in an interview with CNN months ago that has not aired. He has been hammered for last year's decision not to execute Nathan Dunlap, who was convicted for killing four people at a Chuck E. Cheese in 1993. Hickenlooper said Dunlap should not become a "political football." Hickenlooper added that if a Republican successfully ran against him vowing to execute Dunlap, he could always permanently suspend Dunlap's death sentence between Election Day and the end of his term.

A spokeswoman said Hickenlooper has no plans to revisit his decision on Dunlap and spoke hypothetically.

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