Hickenlooper rejects special session for flooding

Governor John Hickenlooper signs HB 1324 as CMU's Board of Trustees looks on.
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DENVER (AP) Gov. John Hickenlooper has decided not to convene a special session of the state Legislature to deal with issues involving Colorado floods.

Some issues of concern included laws to address looting and potential fraud, but the governor has decided those issues do not require lawmakers to come back to work before the regular session convenes in January.

The governor plans to be in Evans, Milliken, Loveland and Commerce City on Thursday to meet with elected officials, community and business leaders to discuss flood damage.

The damage to state highways alone is about $430 million, officials said, with 200 miles of roads and 50 bridges destroyed.

The flooding also caused eight confirmed deaths and damaged or destroyed nearly 1,800 homes.

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