High winds could let pets run wild

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. High winds in the Grand Valley cause damage to homes and businesses and they may even be letting your pets out.

The Mesa County Animal Services would like to remind owners to make sure their animals are secured or in leashes during this windy season.

Strong gusts have been known to knock down fences and open gate doors, accidentally giving pets a way out of the house.

"The main thing is to keep your dog confined to the garage, the fence line, in the house, or in a kennel. Make sure that they're safe inside somewhere," says officer Hollie Poma of Mesa County Animal Services.

High winds generally run all the way through early fall, so owners should pay special attention to gate and garage doors to avoid losing your pets.

If you find you pet missing, it's best to contact Mesa County Animal Services to fill out a lost report to identify your pet and the area in which they went missing.

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