A historic Cyber Monday means a dream day for hackers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- More money is spent online on Cyber Monday than any other day of the year, which is good news for online retailers, but also prime-time for cyber criminals.

Shoppers are expected to spend $1.5 billion today on Cyber Monday, which would make it the biggest online shopping day ever, but after clicking away on deals using your smart phones and iPads, it's now time to make sure none of your accounts have been hacked.

"That kind of cash flow causes a huge influx of scam artists,” said GJ Computer Center owner Shawn Carr. Carr said now that the shopping is over, you need to monitor all your accounts for the next few days.

"Just look for any unauthorized charges. If it shows up charges you don't recognize, call your bank immediately," he said.

Whether it's avoiding buying fake products or giving away your personal information, Carr said making sure you shop on a company's actual site is key.

"You need to watch out any time you get e-mails from retailers trying to tell you hey, you need to check out our site. Your best bet is always to go online and type in that site address yourself as opposed to trying to follow that link from an e-mail," Carr said.

Experts said even if you did buy something from a scammer, there's a chance they will send you additional e-mails to try and get you to spend even more money. So ultimately it’s up to you, the shopper, to stay vigilant and make sure you contact your bank immediately if you have any problems.

Experts said if you're shopping online this holiday season, you should also make sure your web browsers are up-to-date, since older versions sometimes have security holes. Using a debit card is also a bad idea because it can give a thief direct access into your personal accounts.

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