More and more retirees seek part-time work

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Local hiring brought in a range of applicants for some stores and a handful on that list are retirees, as more and more seek part-time work.

Picking up a part-time gig after retirement is the plan for many people. According to a May Gallup poll, three quarters of workers believe they will have a job prior to being retired.

Not everyone is kicking back when it comes to retirement. Many are seeking part-time jobs in retail and with holiday hiring some local employers are seeing a more diverse group of applicants.

Coffee, cookware and cutlery are just some of the items sold at Culinary Corner on Main Street. Co-owner Beth Zanski says her inventory is part of the reason a handful of her staff consists of people who are retired.

"Our store does tend to have the individuals that perhaps have more time to cook or have a passion for it," says Zanski.

However, holiday hiring does seem to draw in a different crowd.

"Our Christmas folks that apply have a tendency to be people that are retired that just want to work here and there and pick up a little extra income for the holidays," says Zanski.

Cabela's in Grand Junction says they've seen a diverse pool of applicants for their seasonal hiring, but a lot of it can be credited to the diversity of the store.

"We have anywhere from the mother of three to a single person," said Lauren Truitt, Cabela's Marketing Manager.

The entire retirement community may not necessarily be flocking to the outdoor store, but those who do enjoy their time there.

"The people that we end up hiring are here to have fun and serve our customers in the best possible way," said Truitt.

And at culinary corner, Zanski, believes fun is the main motivation.

"As a general rule retail does not pay and so a lot of it's just for fun to get out there and meet the public and have something to do," said Zanski.

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