Holiday responders keeping the community safe on Christmas

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. As you are carving into your turkey, prime rib or ham tonight you can rest assured the city is secure as first responders are spending their Christmas on duty and responding to 911 calls.

The Grand Junction dispatch center is staffed 24/7 that includes all holidays, even Christmas.

The call volume is a little slower on Christmas compared to other days and the majority of calls coming in will be a result of intoxication, but there are also some interesting situations that happen.

"We had a woman this morning who was upset with the vacuum cleaner that her significant other got her," Glen Klaich, Dispatch Supervisor.

When dispatchers get a call, they send out officers on duty who said their goal is to always keep the situations calm especially on Christmas.

"We do everything we can not to make arrests on the holidays unless it's absolutely necessary," Sergeant Stan Ancell, GJPD.

serving the community 365 days a year is in the job description for these emergency responders.. which they do with pride...

To keep your home safe during the holidays officers warn against piling trash outside as burglars can see what you have by the boxes making your house a target..

And if you are going out of town they also suggest having a neighbor check on your home while you are gone.

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