Homeless mom struggles to get kids in School

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Every parent wants their child to get a good education, but for Grand Junction mom Sharon Towel, her housing situation has affected her children's ability to attend school.

Sharon Towel went to enroll her kids in a new school, after moving in with family after she lost her home but, the school says they require proof of residency for kids to attend school, something Sharon doesn't have right now.

After calling the school district Sharon was able to get one son into school but her other son is still waiting something that District 51 Prevention Service Coordinator Cathy Haller said is illegal according to the McKinney Vento Law.

“It’s actually an access law so what our role is to remove barriers for homeless students to participate," Haller.

The district also said when families are in these situations the schools are able to provide free meals, school supplies, and can set the families up with community resources that can help them outside of school.

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