Homeless teen guardian renews pledge

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KKCO) -- Hal Heath was the first "guardian" for homeless teens in Mesa County. The guardian program was launched by The House, Western Colorado's only shelter for homeless teens.

Now, a new campaign challenges 1,000 donors to contribute $100 dollars or more. Heath presented a second $1,000 check to the house Thursday morning at Einstein's Bagels in Grand Junction in hopes of encouraging others.

"It's a reasonable-sized entity and budget; it's not so big that your dollar just floats away. To me personally it's a small enough group specifically in Grand Junction, Colorado, that when you help, it makes a difference," said Heath.

Currently there are more than 700 guardians, but organizers are seeking 300 more to reach their goal of 1,000. Einstein Bagels in Grand Junction is also offering an incentive to donate to the house.

A $100 donation will get guardians a bagel a week for a year, $1,000 will get guardians a bagel sandwich a week for a year, and $10,000 will get you a a box of bagels a week for a year.

Community members interested in becoming guardians can mail their donations to The House, P.O. Box 2837, Grand Junction, CO 81502, or sign up online at the related link below. For more information, contact John Mok-Lamme at jmoklamme@karisinc.org.

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