Hometown heroes help accident victims

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Two young women stepped up to the plate this week taking heroic action, when an ordinary meeting with their teacher turned into a real-life lesson.

Jennifer Hicks is a student at CMU, studying to be a physical therapist and participates in the group, Health Occupation Students of America or HOSA. A normal meeting with her teacher, Theresa Bloom, quickly turned into a hands on lesson, when a fatal car accident occurred outside Bloom's residence.

“I realized that there was another person in the car so I went over to the passenger side and started talking to her and asking her for her information, making sure she wasn't in need of medical care as well," said Hicks.

Bloom, a registered nurse, administered CPR to the driver of the vehicle, while Hicks helped the passenger inside the car and Chelsea Hammond, her youngest student still in high school immediately called 911.

“When I first saw [the accident], I thought it was a drill. I thought this is fake- he's a dummy, this is okay, but it really hit me when the paramedics got there," said Hammond.

It took a lot of courage for these young women to go across the street to the scene of a deadly accident, but they went above and beyond as good Samaritans and many would consider them to be hometown heroes.

“I feel like I was doing what I was trained to do. Heroes are those kids who step up and do extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances," said Bloom.

If you want to help young leaders in our community, HOSA, The Future Health Professionals, are sponsoring a "Couch Potato" Virtual 5K where all proceeds will benefit the program.

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