Honey bee farmers experience devastating loss

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Since 2005 billions of honeybees have been killed by a colony collapse disorder and honey bee farmers are starting to feel the sting.

Local honeybee farmer Chad Ragland, of Apis Hive Company says he lost 40 percent of his hives this last year. The loss is double the amount he typically loses in a year. He says you can help out by making sure you don't spray any flowers with pesticides.

"Even in your own garden if you’re spraying weeds if that weed is in bloom and you spray it, you got to remember that there could be a bee that could come along and pick up a bunch of pollen after you sprayed it," says Chad Ragland owner of Apis Hive Company.

Those pesticides can hurt an entire bee colony, and the biggest problem is honeybees are vital to the food supply because they pollinate fruits and vegetables.

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