Honky Tonk Boot Stomp

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MONTROSE, Colo. Moving to a new town can be an overwhelming and intimidating process for any family, but one group on the Western Slope is doing what it can to ease that transition and connect newcomers with the town.

Welcome Montrose acts as a liaison for newcomers to the town, connecting them to everything from vets for their pets, local organization involvement, and even job opportunities.

With more than 200 newcomers last year alone, they have their work cut out for them.

"In 2013 I greeted 218 new families that moved to Montrose," says Welcome Montrose owner, Terri Leben. "149 dogs, 46 cats, a few mules - even though we probably had enough - and 6 horses."

Leben says many of those families are retired and not looking for employment.

"They bring their retirement income, they want to have fun, their friends visit them, their grown children visit them, so there's things to do, it's good for the restaurants, the hotels," says Leben.

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