Honoring America's heroes

FRUITA, Colo (KKCO) -- Many gathered at the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park Sunday to honor our veterans.

Veterans of the Armed Forces were honored at the ceremony with a U.S. Air Force flyover and musical performances.

Keynote speaker Larry Cappetto says this is a very special day, but as a filmmaker dedicated to preserving the memory of our nations heroes, for him, Veterans Day is everyday.

Capetto has interviewed nearly one thousand vets from all over the country, and he shares their stories with young people in hopes of spreading the knowledge of our veterans to future generations.

"I talk to our young people. I think their mothers, grandmothers, their fathers and grandfathers, their brothers their uncles-- everybody becomes a hero in their eyes because history is best learned first hand. So my message is never forget what we have, and be thankful and grateful, and that's happening," said Capetto.

Capetto says despite the cold, there was a certain warmth that filled the area around the memorial as our national anthem was sung and doves were released to honor our fallen heroes. Around 100 community members and veterans gathered for the ceremony.

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