Horizon Drive gets a makeover

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's considered by many city engineers as a transportation failure...the Horizon Drive corridor is responsible for half of the total accidents that occur on or near I-70 highway’s entrances and exits in Grand Junction.

For many, the I-70 Horizon Drive exit in Grand Junction has become one of their favorite rest stops on their way to their travel destinations.

As they fuel up, travelers rarely get a full view of everything the Grand Valley has to offer while driving through the horizon corridor, but that's all about to change.

Beginning in September of 2015 construction will begin on the horizon corridor improvement project that will completely transform this highway exit into an eye-catching tourist attraction.

“This is the gateway to grand junction it's often the first impression that visitors to the area get so we want it to be welcoming, we want it to communicate oasis in the desert,” says Vara Kusal of the Horizon Drive District.

Along with attracting visitors, project officials are hoping to improve long wait times, traffic flow, and confusing stop lights.

Completion of the project will involve constructing 2 roundabouts, rerouting Visitors Way, and lining the corridor with Western themed artwork.

“It'd be very interesting to have some artwork here, I think that would be attractive to people that are traveling on the highway and particularly if they have to stop here for fuel, that might get them to stay,” says Vaugh Stimson, a traveler.

Funding for the project is being covered by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the City of Grand Junction, and the Horizon Drive District.

CDOT has recently awarded project officials with a grant that covers the $4.2 of the $5.25 million dollar construction endeavor.

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