Horse lovers give wild mustangs new homes

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Thirteen wild mustangs have new homes as the Bureau of Land Management's gathering project wraps up.

"I've always just wanted a mustang in my life and want to give these amazing horses homes because they deserve it," said Josie Gilbert, who adopted a mustang.

The BLM hosted an adoption Saturday for the horses gathered from the Little Bookcliffs over the past month for population control.

Animal lovers participated in the silent auction to get their hands on their favorite wild horse.

"I thought it was an hour when he was announcing, 'Going once, going twice, going three times, sold,'" Gilbert said. "I thought it took forever, but it was just seconds."

People paid between $125 and $300 per horse then loaded them into trailers to start their new lives.

"These horses are faithful to you," said Cindy Guy, a member of Friends of the Mustangs. which helps the BLM with horse population maintenance projects. "It takes a little bit to get their trust, but once it clicks, you've got one for life. They’re a life partner."

This was the first time the BLM has had to gather horses for adoption since 2007 due to a drought on the Little Bookcliffs.