House of Promise turns moms' lives around

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OLATHE, Colo. A Western Slope organization is changing the lives of mothers who have struggled with poverty, drugs, abuse or more.

House of Promise has two year programs for women to move on from the difficulties they've faced in the past.

"I knew that it was my last resort to give my daughter back because I had her taken away from me," said Karen Blue, a second-year participant. "And god was just calling me to a better life."

First-year participants start off in private rooms at the facility and spend most of their days studying and learning about Christian Faith.

Second-year participants move into on-site apartments to begin the transition process, while holding a job and learning life skills.

House of Promise is a Christian-based program and it is a branch of Teen Challenge, which has a thousand centers all over the world.

"I had made so many mistakes in her life and so many broken promises that I had to do something to redeem my relationship with her," Blue said of her 6-year-old daughter. "Not only with her, but with Jesus."

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