Household items can poison your pet

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Many household items can be lethal for your pet, and taking simple precautions may wind up saving your animal's life.

Pet parent April Lewis-Gies felt an array of emotions when her dog ingested a bottle of medication.

“It was actually too low on the shelf, and I never even thought that he would even pay any attention to it, but he actually got a hold of the entire bottle,” said Lewis-Gies.

April's dog was taking Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory, commonly prescribed for dogs with arthritis.

According to Dr. Frank Coons of Tiara Rado Animal Hospital, a pet poison we often see-- but don't think about-- is medication.

“We see quite a few dogs who get into the owners [medicine]...everything from birth control pills to thyroid medication," explained Coons.

With the unusual temperature drop in spring, it is important to be mindful about anti-freeze. Just a small amount can be lethal for your animal.

“If you are changing your anti-freeze out and it drips on your floor, it doesn't take very much, and dogs actually like the taste of it," said Coons.

If your pet does get into something they shouldn't, you must do one thing immediately..

“They should call the veterinarian. There are some toxins that you really want them to be forced to vomit, others you really don't want them to," said Coons.

April's dog was lucky. His life was saved, but she hopes people are able to learn from her mistakes.

“[Medications] really need to be stored in a different place, higher spot, where they are unable to get to them," said Lewis-Gies.

Tiara Rado Animal Hospital says if you bring in your pet for ingesting a medication, it's important to bring the bottle in with you so your vet knows what the animal ate.

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