Housing market shows promising signs

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. The Remax Market Watch data is out and show promising outlooks for the rest of the summer as more people are ready to buy and sell their homes.

"It's just waiting for that right buyer," said Jeana Pittman.

Most sellers have been feeling just like Jeana Pittman; who has been trying to sell her home for the last eight months, but recent data provides hope for those looking to slap a sold sign in front of their home and hand over the keys.

The number of houses on the market is up nearly 3% compared with this time last year, and other areas of the housing market are also showing increases.

On average houses are only staying on the market for 122 days which is down from 160 last year.

“We've got an increase in the average sale price over a year ago it's gone up about 24% compared with last year," said Mike Burkhard.

Mike Burkhard is a Remax broker says the number of houses on the market has also gone up since this time last year giving buyers more options which can be nerve-wracking news for sellers.

"When we first put it on the market it's been quite the waiting game but there again watching the trends and homes more available now of course you’re going to have a harder time selling with more houses available," said Pittman.

Despite there being a surplus in homes for sale, realtors still say now is a good time to sell.

"This is a great time for sellers to sell their house, and also the time buyer’s start moving this is a real key time a lot of families are getting ready to put the kids back in school so their thinking now’s the time to move," said Burkhard

Word Pittman says she’s hanging on to as her and her family continue to try and sell their home.

(Jeana Pittman) "There are different buyers out there I see this summer than I saw last summer so it's real encouraging this summer, it's been great, it's been wonderful actually."

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