Housing market springing forward

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The housing market is picking back up in the Grand Valley after a lull over the winter.

An increase in activity has sellers hopeful their homes will soon have new owners.

"I think for a home like this there's a lot of families in here, so they're looking to make the move during the summer," said George Bourassa, whose home has been on the market since Feb. 1.

However, home prices haven't increased much in the past year, which is still a sign of the slow housing recovery.

"For median or average, we're about where we were 12 months ago," said Linda Romer Todd, chairman for the Grand Junction Realtor Association. "We're having activity move forward. We're seeing buyers out there, but we're not having any jump in prices."

Low prices are making it a buyers market and buyer activity is expected to stay strong throughout the summer.

"We've seen it pick up pretty good since the middle of February," said Ron Sechrist, sales broker associate for Bray Realty. "It seems to be holding right now. We hope it's not a little bump in the market. We hope it's a trend."

The average time a house is on the market in the Grand Valley right now is 120 days, but real estate agents said they'd like to see that down to 90 days.

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