Stay-at-home mom salary: survey calculates value

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They cook, clean, watch the kids and try to find some time for themselves every day. Stay-at-home moms don't see a paycheck for what they do, but a new survey tries to put a salary to a stay-at-home mother's work. KKCO 11 News found out just how moms in the Valley felt about the dollar amount.

Annie Payne, at your service. She does the laundry and tutors on the side.

"We have breakfast and get dressed, and get all of our homework and that stuff together," she said.

Then she cooks and plays personal driver for three children.

"Brushing hair, brushing teeth, lunch, packing lunches, eating breakfast, that sort of thing. I'm out the door with her at 8:30 [in the morning]," Payne added.

Sound familiar? It should. There are many like her around the Valley.

"[We have] play dates to park dates, grocery shopping, doing laundry, doing dishes, making sure the house is clean," stay-at-home mom Rachille Rusche said.

These ladies will tell you that being a stay-at-home mom requires a woman to wear many hats, but they enjoy what they do. These moms choose the lifestyle knowing it comes without a paycheck.

"It's kind of funny, because if I actually did get paid [according to this survey], I'd get paid more than my husband does right now," Rusche said.

But what if that were the case? surveyed thousands of moms around the country to put a salary on a her work. Moms reported working different jobs for a different amounts of time each week. When it was all said and done and the overtimes hours were factored in, the salary amount brought smiles.

"I can see how, if you take a lot of these things and you add them up, it could add up to $112,000 a year," Payne said.

That's right. The survey calculated stay-at-home moms would earn a six figure paycheck for all of their efforts.

"I appreciate all of the things they did take into consideration that the stay at home mom has to do," stay-at-home mom Dottie Sheader said.

"It's kind of an little affirmation that's it's great to do what I do," added Rusche.

Moms say the six figures take into account their many roles, but perhaps their biggest job doesn't have a price tag.

"It's not quite enough. Because how do you put a value on a mother who is there for her children?" questioned Payne.

"That intrinsic value of really being a part of your child's life and the time together," Sheader said.

Because to these stay-at-home moms, being just that, is priceless.

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