Hundreds of dollars in counterfeits hit Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Junction Police Department is sending out a warning to local businesses.

In the last month the police department and other area law enforcement agencies have begun investigating more than a dozen reports of counterfeit money.

Hundreds of dollars in counterfeit bills have been passed first to area businesses, then along to local authorities just in the last month.

While police continue to look for the source, they're hoping to educate the public to help slow the passage of the fake bills in our community.

"What we really want you to do is be a good witness," says GJPD spokesperson, Kate Porras. "Get a really good description of the person. What do they look like, how tall are they, did they have any scars marks or tattoos on them that would help identify them."

There are several ways you can tell if a bill is a fake...

First, feel the paper; it may not be the right weight or texture. Fake bills often don't have a security strip inside, watermark or color-shifting ink.

There are also pens you can get and any office supply store that will draw clear or black ink on the currency depending on it's authenticity.

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