Hunt for ex-cop continues amid California snowstorm

Christopher Jordan Dorner is seen in a photo from a 2006 LAPD newsletter.
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As officers go door-to-door in a Southern California mountain community, they're aware they could be walking into a trap set by former Los Angeles police officer and Navy reservist Christopher Dorner -- who knows their tactics and strategies as well as they do.

More than 100 officers in glass-enclosed snow machines and armored personnel carriers have been looking for Dorner in Big Bear Lake, near where his burned-out pickup truck was found yesterday. Snow has been falling, possibly covering the trail of tracks that led away from the truck.

At the same time, heavily armed police are still deployed throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and northern Mexico, looking for Dorner.

He's suspected of going on a deadly rampage, vowing to go after those on the police force who he says caused him to be fired in 2008.

Police say officers are still guarding more than 40 targets mentioned in a rant that they say Dorner posted on Facebook.

Possible sightings of Dorner were reported near Barstow, near San Diego and in downtown Los Angeles. Some law enforcement officials are speculating that he is trying to make them spread out their resources.