Hydration is key for safe summer camp fun

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Summer camps are occupying many children during the week right now and as the weather heats up, camps are looking for ways to prevent kids from developing heatstroke.

"Come prepared, come hydrated because it's definitely very hot out here," said Emily Krause, recreation supervisor for Grand Junction Parks and Recreation.

STARS campers have full days with outdoor activities, but counselors constantly bring children to water fountains and into the shade for breaks.

The camp also requests parents send their children with a full water bottle.

"Definitely throughout the day we provide enough time to relax and get in the shade to cool down, rehydrate the kids, fill their water bottles back up and remind them to drink," Krause said. "They are very little and they forget about that."

Camp staff are trained to recognized the signs of heatstroke and treat it immediately, but they continue to take steps to avoid it.

"You would be surprised with as hot as it outside that we haven't had any of those probably because we take the proper precautions, keep the kids safe, keep them indoors," Krause said. "Or if you're outside, drink a lot of fluid, stay hydrated so we don't have a lot of issues."

Hydrating before, during and after physical activity is important for preventing heatstroke.

Heatstroke happens when a person's body temperature passes 104 degrees and causes symptoms like confusions and fast pulse.

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