ICE plan can help save lives

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Ice isn't just what's covering your car in the morning. It's a protection campaign that will help first responders know who to contact in case one of our seniors has an emergency.

Visiting Angels Home Care Center in Grand Junction is making a serious move to protect everyone, especially our seniors, by getting as many as possible on board with the program.

Debbie Harrison with Visiting Angels said before ICEing your phone to first make sure the emergency contacts have agreed to be an ice partner. Then type in the phone number you want to use and when you add their contact information type in the word ICE before the name, that way emergency responders will go straight to your contact list to look for that person.

Experts suggest having three ice contacts just in case one doesn't answer.

Another way to alert emergency responders is by getting an ICE sticker and putting it on the back of your phone to show there are contacts available for them to call.

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