Immigration reform march takes to the GJ streets

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Grand Junction, Colo (KKCO) -- People of all backgrounds gathered at Sherwood Park to support immigration reform in Colorado.

Undocumented residents worry that without this reform moving forward, their chances of getting higher education and higher paying jobs will not be an option.

Another major concern among these groups are families with mixed statuses. Some members have citizenship and others do not, leaving the chance of deportation very real.

Families being split up is a main focus of the Hispanics Affairs Project, and they are making serious efforts to raise awareness in order to keep families together.

Senator Michael Bennet and Congressman Scott Tipton sent letters to the Colorado Immigration Rights Council to support the cause and encourage them to continue moving forward with their demands.

A bipartisan bill passed earlier this week, urging Congress to make immigration reform a top priority, and now it will head to the Colorado House of Representatives where it is expected to gain more support.

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