Improved crime rates in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Mesa County makes its way down the crime rate ladder.

Decreasing numbers from a recent report by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation give residents some peace of mind about the safety of their community.

Mesa County sees some important drops in some of the most dangerous crimes that have affected the area in the past.

The release of the 2013 reported offenses statistics from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shows a decrease in all the right places.

Since last year, there's been a twenty percent decrease in crimes involving homicide, robbery, and assault, and the improvement has everything to do with community-wide safety efforts.

“We try to do a lot of campaigns letting people know to report suspicious things, those kind of assistance from our citizens can really help solve some of those cases and make those arrests that we may not have had in the past,” says

It's not increased law enforcement staffing or patrols that have helped make the large improvements in crime rates, it's the involvement of the community in actively reporting offenses.

There's been a slight increase in the rape cases in the area due a change in definition of the's been opened up to include a wider range of cases.

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