Lessons learned after 7th Street Explosion

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) It's a scene many Grand Junction residents will be hard pressed to forget; the natural gas leak explosion that leveled two houses and evacuated dozens more.

On Monday, the Grand Junction City Council was presented with an after action report that analyzed and critiqued the response of the city agencies involved.

"This after action report is nothing new to us at the fire department," says Grand Junction Fire Chief, Ken Watkins. "When we have a major event we do an after action report."

Right after the incident, an eleven person task force was created to begin putting together the report that came together after six months of work.

Once an after-action report is finished, the agencies involved reflect on the proposed changes and apply them to their future operations.

But officials say along with the suggestions is plenty of praise.

"We were very pleased with the responders, not just from fire and police but also public works and also agencies that helped," said Watkins.

The report proposes changes to 5 different levels of operation, incident command, operations, communications, recovery and prevention.

But officials say, even with all of the recommendations, there have already been significant changes.

"The great thing to take away is that we've already started working on some of the prevention items," said Watkins.

To view a copy of the report, see the link below.

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