Injured climber rescued amid severe weather conditions

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GUNNISON, Colo. A Saturday climb turned into a life-threatening situation when a climber was injured pulling a large boulder off a wall on the Atlantis buttress in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Rangers at Black Canyon received a report of an injured climber Saturday evening, and they located the patient later that same evening.

Due to night falling, they bivouacked overnight while providing medical assistance for multiple injuries.

Additional rescue teams arrived on Sunday and raised the patient 1,800 feet to the canyon's North Rim through intermittent white out conditions, heavy snow, and gusty winds.

“I am very proud of our search and rescue team and of the outstanding cooperative effort involved with our local partners," says Superintendent Connie Rudd. "They have proven once again that visitor and employee safety is of ultimate importance."

The climber, who is from Durango, Colorado, is described as stable with chest, ankle, and facial injuries.

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