Insane Inflatable 5K makes GJ third stop

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Insane Inflatable 5K is a new dynamic race series that mixes a traditional three-mile run with giant blow-up obstacles and Grand Junction is one of the first cities to participate in it.

For the first time ever the event is making its way to 16 cities across the United States and the Western Slope was stop number three.

A portion of the proceeds will go right back to the community by helping to support the John McConnell Math and Science Center.

Waves started at 9 this morning and ran concurrently very half hour.

"It's energizing, it's fun, it's completely insane and everyone has a huge smile on their face whenever they get done running the 5k," Events Manager Roxi said.

The race was held at Country Jam Ranch and it drew in over 1,000 runners, including a few teams from out of state.

"It keeps everybody involved in the community, and it keeps you going,” runner Whitney Szabo said. “It gives you something to work towards. We train for stuff like this."

Incorporated throughout the run were 12 extreme, inflatable obstacles that participants could climb up and slide down. One, called Pure Misery, was a 100-foot long blow up structure to test athletes' strength, agility, flexibility and endurance.

"Colorado is a healthy state and it shows because we are very fit here,” Roxi said. “We have people who are running very fast through this course, so congratulations to us."

Along with athletic groups like Crossfit, there were teams dressed up in costumes and uniforms that participated in the three-mile run together. Once runners were finished they could sit back and relax. There was food available from different vendors, music and some exciting demonstrations done by the John McConnell Math and Science Center.

"It's more than just running,” Szabo said. “Every once in a while during a 5K it gets kind of boring, so this one has obstacles and different things you can do along the way to keep you going."

The next stop on the national tour will be in Denver at the end of this month.

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