Is mid-April linked to violence in America?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Is mid-April linked to violence in America? Last week was a very deadly one across the country, and a look back reveals many American tragedies this time of year.

April doesn't have a good track record, and after last week's tragic Boston bombing and Texas explosion, some are returning to work a little uneasy.

"It's very strange that it all falls on April," said Sean O’Neill of Networks Unlimited.

By mid-April we are well into spring, and with warmer weather approaching people tend to be happier, but it hasn't been easy for people to move past last week's tragic events.

It's on Sean O’Neill's mind as he returns to work this week.

“It was really heart-wrenching to think we can come back to work, we can carry on our lives and these people over there just came to an abrupt end," said O’Neill.

Now many are concerned April is becoming a month for American tragedies. Scott Aber, a licensed professional counselor has a different opinion.

“You can look at any month, any of the 12 months-- there are bad things that happen every month," said Aber.

Aber says allergies tend to worsen for many in April, especially for residents in the valley and it may have an adverse affect on those suffering with bi-polar disorder.

“A small, small, small minority of people that have bi-polar disease and also have allergies-- there symptoms can get a lot worse because of the combination, so they can do some dangerous things," said Aber.

However, the counselor says spring time generally brings a sense of hope to people.

“Have hope and hope is the best medicine," said Aber.

And hope is what O’Neill is holding on to in light of the darkness the country was in last week.

“April's not quite over; what if it continues? But I'm hoping we just had one crazy week," said O’Neill.

Aber says after last week's tragic events, people should try to focus on the good things they have today.

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