Is your business prepared for a natural disaster?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- "We should all be prepared," said Mark Nave, who is the Health and Safety Manager for Black Frac Tanks.

Mother Nature can unleash at any moment, destroying homes and businesses. That's why the Red Cross wants business owners to have a plan of action.

"If we are prepared, we can come back to work the next day, maybe two days," said Nave.

Nave learned a thing or two about making sure his business is prepared for disaster.

"Having insurance in line, and that's part of being prepared because if you do lose that income, there's an insurance that could help you with that," said Nave.

And now his isn't the only business with a plan after a seminar the Red Cross held for businesses this week.

"Specifically ordering chemicals and repair parts so that we have them available in the event we had an impact to our supply delivery," says David Reinersten who works for Clifton Water.

Rreinersten says they've been prepared in the past, but thought a refresher course would be helpful. He learned pre-planning isn't one-size-fits-all.

"Someone in retail establishment verses a manufacturing establishment has different needs and different operational perimeters. All those things need to be considered when developing a pre-plan," said Reinersten.

Red Cross officials call having a good plan in place a ready rating.

"A full on 123-point assessment that helps a business put together a disaster plan, a contingency of operation plan, get them connected to Red Cross services that could help them be a better prepared service," said Red Cross official Eric Myers.

If you missed the seminar this week, they're still willing to help you out. The best part, it's free to any business.

Red Cross officials say it's vital to have a resilient business community because that's what helps a community recover faster after a disaster. For everyone in our community, there's an app for safety preparedness. Just search for the Red Cross in your app store to download apps for wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes and more.

Find more information its website, a link to which can be found below under Related Links. You can also contact the local office at 970-242-4851

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