Judge: Owner can't leave state before turning in dog

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO) -- A judge tells a Montrose man he cannot leave the state until he turns over his dog.

The Montrose Daily Press reports that on Thursday, the Montrose Municipal Court ordered Jeremiah Aguilar to turn over his dog, Dutch, before he can go to Oklahoma to close on a house.

Judge Richard Brown said giving Dutch to animal control will ensure that Aguilar will return to Montrose for future court proceedings.

In February, Aguilar's American Alluant was ordered to be euthanized after he viciously bit his former owner in November 2012, the city says. However, the sentence was stayed pending appeals.

Aguilar, who was also convicted of owning a dangerous animal, missed a court hearing on April 18, so a warrant was issued for his arrest. On May 27, he turned himself in and bonded out, according to the Daily Press.

The defense attorney argued in court Thursday that Aguilar's appeal stays the court's order to hand over Dutch, but Brown said the order stands. The court must approve the sanctuary where Dutch is to stay, so Brown ruled that Aguilar must give Dutch to Montrose Animal Control, which will put him in an approved facility.

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